Covid-19 Heroes - Special Event station - May 1st-31st

Story Originally Published on
April 17, 2020

As New York amateur radio operators, we have a unique opportunity to do something positive during a pandemic that has also turned New York State into a deadly hotspot.

We can express our gratitude to all those men and women on the front lines who are taking personal risks every day to tend to the needs of the healthy among us as well as the sick and even those whose lives were taken in this crisis.
Special Event Station K2H will help us do that. With the coordination of the Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club in Lindenhurst, N.Y., Suffolk County, we will be on the air starting May 1st and will continue our operation through the end of the month in each county throughout the state.
That’s where you come into the picture; By joining us in activating K2H (with the suffix of your NY county appended, for example, K2H/SUF for Suffolk), you will be able to help everyone say thanks to those who are helping guide us through an unprecedented crisis – whether by keeping watch on quarantine enforcement, keeping food store shelves well-stocked or tending to the sick.
There will be free certificates available for download by county for every contact. We have created 62 templates for the individual counties. You can add your own county logos as needed. We will upload them to our certificate program.

The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club will be handling all the logging uploads to the certificate program. All you need to do is get on the air in any mode and help honor these heroes. Then upload your log to us in Cabrillo or ADIF format. We are requesting multiple operators from every county in the state to make this a huge success.

Please pass this valuable information on to other club members and ham radio friends.

Please contact us at [email protected] and let us know you’ll join us. Include your name, call sign and NY county. We request all who will be operating to  please register. This will enable us to send out info related to your operation.

We are using the 62 county abbreviations from the NYS QSO Party. A link is on the K2H QRZ page. Rovers or visitors from out-of-state are welcome to operate but we need you to register and be in a NY county.


Lou – NO2C
Mike – KC2SYF
Salli – K2RYD
Caryn – KD2GUT


The Fulton Amateur Radio Club meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the lower level of the Oswego County Office Building, across from Mimi's restaurant, Route 481 North, Fulton at 7PM. The purpose of our club is to promote amateur radio through involvement with the various facets of the hobby. Join us!

Whether you are a licensed amateur radio operator or just have an interest in radio and communications...please join us!

Thomas G. Cantine Jr W2TQF Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established after the untimely death of Thomas G. Cantine Jr, who was an active amateur radio operator for over 50 years.  Obtaining his license at the age of 13 in 1957, Tom held the call sign: W2TQF.  Tom’s hobby of amateur radio led to a career as a sales engineer and engineering consultant.  Tom taught amateur radio classes, was a volunteer examiner, active in ARES (Amateur Radio  Emergency Service), RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) and was a  charter member of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club and served as the president of the radio club for several terms.  This scholarship has been set up in memory of Tom and his passion for amateur radio.

The purpose of amateur (ham) radio is to foster the art of wireless communications, and to encourage goodwill, cooperation, education, and emergency preparedness among licensees at local, national, and global levels. Licensed amateurs agree to abide by license class rules outlined by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) after passing a written examination. A wide variety of activities and interests are available to the amateur radio operator. The Fulton Amateur Radio Club, founded in 1957, offers forums for discussion of relevant topics, instructions for amateur licensing, FCC license testing, and training for volunteer operators who provide wireless communications during special community events and emergencies.

This annual  college scholarship,  in the amount of $500, may be awarded to one or more licensed amateur radio operator(s) in the following New York state counties: Oswego, Onondaga, Cayuga and Jefferson.  Competition is open to undergraduate students  pursuing a career in  electronics, engineering, communications,  broadcasting, computer science,  medical, or business-related fields.

Selection is based on significant prior involvement in amateur radio,  evidence of outstanding leadership and community service.  The student must meet and fulfill the requirements listed below.

The $500 award will be paid in full to the student after successfully completion of one full semester with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.  The selection committee will comprise of members of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club and members of the Cantine family.  The Cantine family will have final authority on dispersing the award.

Requirements are:

1. The applicant must hold an active amateur radio license (any class).  Proof of license is required; a copy must be enclosed with the application.

2. The applicant must live in one of the following Central New York counties: Oswego, Onondaga, Cayuga or Jefferson.  Copy of license will verify address of applicant.

3. The applicant must be accepted into an accredited college or technical school.  The applicant may be a graduating high school senior or a current undergraduate college student.

4. The applicant must be pursuing a degree in electronics, engineering, communications, broadcasting, computer science, medical, or business-related field.

5. The applicant must submit a completed scholarship application and include at least two (2) letters of recommendation from any combination of the following: employer, teacher, clergy, neighbor, or friend.  Persons serving as references cannot be related to the applicant.

6. The completed application must be received by May 29, 2020.

The Scholarship Application Download Here




Radio Club Meeting Dates:  Fourth Wednesday of the month at 7PM:

Meeting Location: Oswego County Building, 200 North Second St. (Route 481), across from Mimi's Restaurant, in Fulton.

The meeting location has plenty of parking and is wheelchair accessible.

No meetings during July and August

Send your ideas for meeting programs or if you would like to put on a presentation at the radio club meeting,contact a club member.

Past meeting topics have included (to name a few):
  • PSK31
  • Slow scan television
  • Portable battery types
  • Mobile radio installation
  • Antenna and tower installation
  • Bat tracking via Amateur Radio
  • 50th Anniversary Special Event Station
  • Home brewing QRP HF Transceivers
Guest speakerers:
  • Dave WJ2O, Ken N2ZN, and Redd AI2N on thier DXpedition
  • Steve N2TXK - Data acquisition using model rockets
  • Dave Eichorn 9WSYR Meteorologist - Weather in CNY and Doppler Radar
  • Keith WB2NVY - Communications on the Titanic
  • Bruce Frassinelli - Old Time Radio
  • Representatives from the ARRL, ARES and RACES
  • History of Electronics Park (GE)
  • DXpedition to Bhutan
  • HF Mobile Operations

License Courses

The Fulton Amateur Radio Club (FARC) offers instruction, support and testing for anyone interested in acquiring a Technician Class (entry level) FCC Amateur Radio License, as well as higher class licenses.

Amateur Radio, also known as Ham Radio, is a hobby that is accessible to almost anyone.  Age, background, national citizenship, even physical disabilities are not barriers to passing the necessary tests to receive your own FCC amateur radio license and callsign..

You can earn an entry level Amateur Radio Technician license by passing a 35-question multiple-choice examination. No Morse code test is required. The exam covers basic regulations, operating practices, and elementary electronics theory, with a focus on VHF and UHF applications.

Self-study license guides are available under the “links” section of the FARC website, at An instructor is also available to answer questions via telephone, e-mail or in person, one-on-one, at a time and place mutually acceptable to the student and instructor.  There is no fee for this service, though there is a small fee for the exam itself.

Questions regarding obtaining an Amateur Radio license may be directed to Redd Swindells, AI2N, at ai2n[at]twcny[dot]rr[dot]com

Interested parties are also encouraged to attend a meeting.  The Fulton Amateur Radio Club meets at 7 PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the lower level of the Oswego County Office Building, across from Mimi's restaurant, Route 481 North, Fulton.  

The primary purposes of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club are to promote the use of Amateur Radio for emergency communication, foster interest in radio/electronics and to provide license training and testing.