Radio Club Meeting Dates:  Fourth Wednesday of the month at 7PM:

Meeting Location: Oswego County Building, 200 North Second St. (Route 481), across from Mimi's Restaurant, in Fulton.

The meeting location has plenty of parking and is wheelchair accessible.

No meetings during July and August

Send your ideas for meeting programs or if you would like to put on a presentation at the radio club meeting,contact a club member.

Past meeting topics have included (to name a few):
  • PSK31
  • Slow scan television
  • Portable battery types
  • Mobile radio installation
  • Antenna and tower installation
  • Bat tracking via Amateur Radio
  • 50th Anniversary Special Event Station
  • Home brewing QRP HF Transceivers
Guest speakerers:
  • Dave WJ2O, Ken N2ZN, and Redd AI2N on thier DXpedition
  • Steve N2TXK - Data acquisition using model rockets
  • Dave Eichorn 9WSYR Meteorologist - Weather in CNY and Doppler Radar
  • Keith WB2NVY - Communications on the Titanic
  • Bruce Frassinelli - Old Time Radio
  • Representatives from the ARRL, ARES and RACES
  • History of Electronics Park (GE)
  • DXpedition to Bhutan
  • HF Mobile Operations

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 19:00

The next meeting of the Fulton ARC will be at 7 pm on Wednesday, October 25. The FCC eliminated the Morse code requirement for amateur radio effective on February 23, 2007.  Those who bemoaned the imminent demise of the mode were soon relieved to realise that CW continued to thrive on the air. The "World Champion Telegrapher", however, was never a ham.  He burned up the wires for Western Union, pounded brass for commercial radio companies, and manufactured his own line to telegraph keys that are valued to this day.  He set the all-time, still-unbroken world record of 75.2 words per minute i

Redd - AI2N